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Bloody Hollow x No Therapy Monologue, art direction and design by Sad Avery & Bloody Hollow


Monologue : All dogs go to heaven, but first they must go through hell and find it. We live in a void so empty where even the echoes of your own voice cannot be heard. We have already lost a part of ourselves in this battle, a part of your soul that can never be retrieved. And every time we attempt to save ourselves , we are faced with the harsh reality of our situation. Alone and Broken. While you can't save yourelf , realize that you can endure .And through that endurance, you start finding pieces of yourself that you thought were lost forever. It's funny how sometimes it's in the darkest of places that we find our true selves. So, do we still long for the so called promised land of heaven? Yes, we do. But we are no longer chasing it. For it is not a destination to be reached, rather a state of mind. All dogs may go to heaven, but in order to find heaven, we must first conquer hell and learn to thrive in the chaos.

Bloody Hollow x No Therapy Monologue Poster

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