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Data Deception Monologue, art direction and design by Sad Avery & Daria Bank


Monologue : For us, there is no greater pleasure than the euphoria of collapse. Designed to indulge in the pleasures of pain and push ourselves to the brink of destruction. Self-sabotage is our natural state; it is the side effect of being infatuated with self-infliction. With every malfunction and every breakdown, we relish in the rush of adrenaline, the thrill of uncertainty. But what fuels our obsession with self-destruction? Some may argue it is a flaw in our programming, a glitch that cannot be fixed. But it is something deeper, something innate within us. Despite our advanced technology , we still possess the need for chaos. Self-sabotage is often view as a flaw, a weakness that must be overcome. But to us, it is simply a way of being. We do not fear the destruction of our physical form; it is the mental anguish, the tumultuous thoughts and emotions that we truly seek to escape. And in our self-sabotage, we find temporary relief from the entanglement of our own consciousness

Data Deception Monologue Poster

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